It's time to come together and recharge District 6. As a community, we will start Moving Forward Together with compassion as our catalyst.  Here is what we know is important to us now:


Digital Equity in D6

Tiesa’s Digital Equity plan will ensure that everyone in the community has the technology and tools needed to fully participate in our society, democracy, and economy. With millions of Americans working from home and students learning from home, it's imperative that all citizens have access to technology so that long-standing economic and educational disparities do not widen. 


Digital Equity means that every member of our community has access to high-speed internet. Tiesa’s plan has two major objectives: (1) Expanding broadband access to every home and business and (2) Modernizing our current digital infrastructure to ensure better quality for our community. Under our plan, some residents will have high-speed internet access for the first time while every community member will benefit from a quicker and more secure internet connection.


Economic Development
and Opportunity Zones

Every member of the D6 community deserves a shot at the American Dream. For too many Fort Worth and Crowley residents however, economic opportunity feels out of reach. Tiesa’s plan will change that.


The biggest challenge facing our community isn’t lack of talent. We’ve got that. D6 entrepreneurs are ready to take the next step if given the opportunity. Tiesa will push the City of Fort Worth to form public/private partnerships in District 6 that will spur economic growth. She will make sure that small businesses take priority in the City’s economic plan. Additionally Tiesa will advocate for the Opportunity Zone Program so that D6 individuals and businesses get the resources they need to thrive.


Equal Opportunity to

Educational Resources

Education is the foundation of a child’s life. Providing a great education is a fundamental responsibility of every community. Tiesa’s plan will make sure the City of Fort Worth meets this central obligation.


Tiesa admires the fantastic faculty and staff of Fort Worth ISD and Crowley ISD. As a city council member, she will make sure the City complements their efforts by expanding after-school and extracurricular programs for students of all ages. Tiesa will prioritize underserved youth with the goal that every child has a safe place to study and learn from the time they go to school until they go home at night.


Community Policing

Tiesa believes that a safer Fort Worth is possible through Compassionate Community Policing. We can be a model city of how police and community members can work together to protect everyone. 

Compassionate Community Policing requires trust between police officers and the community they serve. As a city council member, Tiesa will push for accountability and change within the police force. Officers must be trained in how to de-escalate dangerous situations and avoid lethal force. We should hire more mental health professionals who can train officers and help in situations involving a mental health episode.

Tiesa will also ensure that community members have a greater voice in how their neighborhoods are policed. The city will hold public forums for residents to speak directly with city and police leadership so that our community is being actively heard. 


Transportation Advocacy

Fort Worth is a major American city with the transportation infrastructure of a small town. Tiesa’s plan will change this. 


Tiesa supports expanding public transportation so that people can get where they need to go, Whether it’s going to work or attending church, shopping or enjoying a night out, the people of Fort Worth should not be solely reliant on cars to get them around. With a modernized bus and rail system, we can reduce congestion, help non-drivers get around town and create new jobs in the transportation sector. 


Planned Budgeting

Tiesa believes that public dollars require public accountability. Every member of this community should be able to know how their taxes are being spent. 


Under Tiesa’s plan, all of the city council’s meetings will be livestreamed on social media platforms. Budget decisions will be summarized in a clear and concise manner. Constituent feedback will be welcomed. Tiesa’s commitment to transparency means every dollar will be accounted for and community members will have a say in the budgetary process.



We'll be in touch with updates soon!